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About Tahoma Schools Foundation

Recognizing that State funding did not fully support the comprehensive education Tahoma students needed to succeed in becoming "Future Ready", the Tahoma Schools Foundation was formed as a non-profit organization in 1989 by a group of business owners within the Tahoma School District. Since that time, a State funding gap exists between "per student revenue" and the cost to meet the complex educational needs for students.


Many people are not aware that school districts such as Tahoma with recognized excellent instructional programs, in stable and progressive communities, and with less overall poverty than many cities receive significantly less revenue per student - particularly from the federal government. Building upon the momentum of the theme embraced overwhelmingly by the school community in recent elections that "Tahoma Kids Come First!", the Tahoma Schools Foundation is currently increasing efforts to provide additional support for the Tahoma School District to assure that all students have a full opportunity to become "Future Ready".

Our Mission


Our purpose is to provide supplementary support for a range of needs and opportunities for students.


We are committed to ensuring that every Tahoma Student has a full opportunity to become future-ready.


With a sense of community, everything else falls into place.
Our collaboration with the community leads to an enriched school district.

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Providing 4 scholarship awards for $5,000.

Lifelong learning is an important goal of the Tahoma School District for all students.  There are many paths to success for its graduates.  Some seek continued learning opportunities at two-year or four-year colleges.  Some enroll in trade schools, professional programs, and internships. 

The Tahoma Schools Foundation, a non-profit organization, seeks to financially support the students and programs of the Tahoma School District.  Overall, its fundraising efforts are directed at students’ success. 

The Tahoma Schools Foundation decided to assist four graduates after they complete their high school education. Tahoma High School seniors who are on the path to graduation in June 2024 and will attend a tuition-based institution or program are invited to apply for one of four $5,000 scholarships.  Please see the attached application to apply on or before April 30, 2023.

Checklist for Scholarship

Complete Scholarship Application
Essay Prompt under 1,000 words
Copy of Grade Transcript


Enrichment Programs

Mental Health Initiatives & Awareness

Scholarship Programs

Unique Educational Opportunities

Building Academic Foundations


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