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Our Team

Bradley Hanson

Board President

Bradley Hanson was born & raised in Washington State. Bradley has called Maple Valley home since 2015. With an absolute love of meeting and helping people, Bradley focuses on creating meaningful relationships within our greater community. He enjoys supporting small businesses and giving back to local organizations that are dedicated to making a positive change in our town and in the lives of its residents. Bradley is a local realtor and the owner of his company. The Bradley Hanson Real Estate Group, where he leads a team of 9 incredible individuals who share his passion to be of service to others. They pride themselves in helping their clients achieve their housing goals, as well as looking for unique opportunities to contribute to and enrich the community. Bradley is a firm believer in the TSF motto that our students are our future and is excited to support that future however he can.

Open Position

Board Vice President

Reach out to inquire about the Board Vice President position.

Tami Henkel


Tami Henkel has been a Maple Valley resident since 1983 and is an Office Manager for an oil and gas service company for 20 years. During her time in Maple Valley, the community has grown along with the Tahoma School District. Tami began volunteering in her son’s classroom in 1995 and became involved in PTA, various district committees and recently retired from serving 18 years on the Tahoma School Board. Her daughter is a first-grade teacher at Lake Wilderness Elementary and Tami gets to volunteer every Friday.

Tami knows that Tahoma does an amazing job preparing our students for their futures and the Tahoma Schools Foundation, in collaboration with our community, does an amazing job raising funds to support our students and educators. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve as treasurer alongside colleagues with the same commitment to quality public education for all.

Barbara Kennedy


Barbara Kennedy has been a long-time board member of the Tahoma Schools Foundation with a passion for helping students reach their full potential. Barbara began volunteering when her children were in school and became involved in many areas of the Tahoma School District. She worked in the classroom, served on various committees, was involved in PTA at all levels, and served on the Tahoma School Board. Barbara also served as Co-Chair of the VOTE Committee and on the board of the Maple Valley Community Center and Communities that Care. “I have been able to see firsthand how important the partnership with the community is in creating a quality school district. I am proud to be part of the Tahoma Schools Foundation as we move forward to enhance the connections with the school and community.” Barbara’s children have graduated, but her dedication to the students of Tahoma is steadfast.

Mkristo Bruce

Board Member

Mk Bruce is a local mortgage lender with Guild Mortgage. Mk joined TSF to pour into the community where he lives and his children go to school. He also wants to support the kids who are our future community leaders.

Brandi Savage

Board Member

Brandi has created a successful, nearly 20-year, career in telecommunications where she started as a Project Coordinator and has advanced to West Region Manager for wireless new asset development. Through her management of different personnel, it became apparent that many of the emerging employment population lacked future-ready skills. In 2018, Brandi and her husband, Jeff, moved their 2 daughters (Faye and Chloe) to the Tahoma School District; coming from a neighboring district they were able to appreciate the planning and commitment to the students that TSD offered. Prior to her career Brandi obtained a teaching degree from the University of Idaho and wholeheartedly believes in the public school system. In September 2019, Brandi along with her business partner opened AR Workshop in the heart of the Maple Valley community; this business opportunity was exhilarating as they sought to provide an avenue to give back to the local community as well as provide job opportunities and guidance to the emerging workforce. While Tahoma School District does a phenomenal job preparing our students for the future Brandi acknowledged more needed to be done, evolution needed to happen, to continue bridging the gap of what the district could provide and joined Tahoma Schools Foundation in early 2022.

Amanda Gross

Board Member

Amanda Gross is a local Edward Jones Financial Advisor who focuses on creating an environment where clients feel empowered, want to learn about investing, have fun and become more confident in making smart financial decisions with less stress and worry. She is very active in the Maple Valley community serving on the Maple Valley Black Diamond Chamber of Commerce board (as well as past president), Maple Valley Rotary, Maple Valley Days Parade Co-Director, and the Fishing Derby board.

Growing up, Amanda always wanted to be a 2nd-grade teacher (the kids would have eaten her alive with the name Mrs. Gross). Life took her in a different direction, but her admiration for the job stayed. Knowing that public school funding has many restrictions, she reached out to see other avenues of funding. That is where TSF came in. When a good friend introduced her to the group, she knew she needed to be a part of the cause. Amanda is very grateful to be serving as a board member and making an impact with her fellow community leaders.

Mary Jane Glaser

Board Member

Mary Jane served as a member of the Tahoma School District Board of Directors from 1998 through November 2019. She is happy to continue her service to the students and staff of the Tahoma School District through her participation on the Tahoma Schools Foundation Board of Directors. Mary Jane has been a foundation board member for more than 15 years and is glad that new energy has been infused into the foundation. She has a background in the arts and helped establish art docent programs in Tahoma schools. Mary Jane was an active member of the PTA and PTA Roundtable. She founded the non-profit Maple Valley Creative Arts Council, is a charter board member of the non-profit Maple Valley Farmers Market, as well as the City of Maple Valley Public Arts Commission, and is a current board member of the non-profit Shadow Lake Nature Preserve. She was honored to receive recognition from: Communities That Care; Golden Maple Leaf from the City of Maple Valley; Community First Award from the Greater Maple Valley Community Center; Key to the City of Maple Valley; and Golden Acorn and Educator of the Year from PTA.

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