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One Time or Monthly Donation

The needs of our students are ongoing, and the biggest impact you can make is through one-time or monthly donations. Making a one-time donation today will immediately support our efforts to ensure every student is Future Ready. Monthly giving is convenient, and you’ll enjoy donor benefits for your full annual commitment. 

Why donate monthly? Even in smaller amounts, monthly donations allow us to more accurately plan out our financial resources, and how to best invest them back into our community of students. Recurring gifts give us back valuable time to focus our efforts on cultivating additional donations, as well as coordinating community fundraising events.

Here's how monthly donations work.

Make it a Priority 

Set up monthly donations for the beginning of each month when statistics show most families budget their expenses & contributions for the month. Setting up monthly donations is easy to do.


Start Small

Not sure how much to donate? Even the smallest contributions can make the biggest impact when set up on a recurring basis. $20 on the 20th of each month may seem small, but when considered on an annual basis it compounds to nearly $250!


Set it & Forget it

Contributing monthly not only allows us to fundraise more effectively but also takes time & stress off your plate. Knowing that your support reaches us monthly and that no further action or year-end donation is needed, should bring you pride knowing that your support of our students is ongoing and automatically handled each month.

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